Climate protection.
And a lot more.

Solarparks make a decisive contribution to managing the energy transition and also offer other advantages


  • for nature & environment through emission-free electricity production, increase of biodiversity and long-term improvement of soil and groundwater quality
  • .

  • for communities and local people through various financial participation opportunities and business tax revenues
  • .

  • for land owners through long-term and predictable lease income
  • .

Attractive additional income

for landowners and municipalities

Active climate protection

by avoiding climate-damaging CO2 emissions

Environmental protection

Through long-term improvement of soil & water quality

Nature Protection

by increasing biodiversity and species diversity

Early public participation

The construction of a solar park is always an issue for the local population. In order to inform the citizens and the community at an early stage and continuously and to involve them in the project planning, implementation and operating phases, transparency and early public participation are elementary for us.

This is how solar park works.

We take care of the communication with all parties involved, develop, install & operate the photovoltaic system and take over all risks and planning expenses.


We make electricity.

You participate.

01. Analysis & site protection

Examination of the site, connection to the grid and conclusion of a lease agreement.

02. Project development & approval

Obtaining all necessary approvals in the course of a land-use plan procedure including early public participation and environmental impact assessment.

03. Construction of the solar park

Installation and assembly of the solar system according to currently valid specifications.

04. Mains connection & commissioning

Securing the feed-in point and clarifying the feed-in tariff with the energy supplier. From now on, the photovoltaic system produces solar power.

05. Operation & dismantling

Operational management and professional solar park management as well as the complete dismantling incl. Recycling of the components at the end of their service life.


We realize.
You benefit.

As the owner of an unused roof area, you can use your roof ecologically and economically – without any investment of your own. You receive an attractive lease payment or, alternatively, a roof renovation and at the same time make a contribution to climate protection.


Suitable are – individually according to location and requirements – roof areas from 1,000 m².

Lucrative lease income

for unused roof areas or alternatively roof renovation

Active climate protection

by avoiding climate-damaging CO2 emissions

Upgrading the property

through renovation or protection of the roof surfaces

Positive image

through the use of ecological and sustainable solar energy

5 steps to attractive additional income


You send us the key data of your unused roof area.


We will contact you and discuss relevant points.


We will prepare an individual offer for your area.


After an on-site appointment, we fix the contract.


We take care of all the issues and build the system.

We make power.
You benefit.


Made to fit.

We offer practical experience from the development and realization of numerous photovoltaic systems. Across Europe.
Below are some selected projects.

Open space disused airport

Total area / performance
24 ha / 12 MWp


The system on a disused airport site (conversion area) was built and connected to the grid within 8 weeks. Cooperation with Emmvee.

Open space Alps

Total area / performance
1 ha / 2 MWp


The plant was installed by means of high elevation on a slope.

Open space industry

Total area / performance
10 ha / 7 MWp


The plant was built on a sealed industrial site (conversion area) next to a railroad line.

Roof area farm

Total area / performance
3.000 m² / 548 kWp


Direct occupancy without roof renovation of an agricultural cooperative, medium voltage system.

Roof area riding facility

Total area / performance
3.000 m² / 565 kWp


Roof surface renovation of an indoor riding arena with subsequent occupancy. Cooperation with Dextella.

Roof area warehouse

Total area / performance
11.500 m² / 1.300 kWp


Roof surface renovation of a livestock barn with subsequent occupancy.

About us

We make power

The SOLCARE Energy GmbH is an owner-managed company that has been dedicated for many years with full passion to the expansion of renewable energies.


Our expertise lies in securing land and project development, planning and financing of photovoltaic systems.


A comprehensive network of partners enables us to realize efficient, reliable and flexible.


This is how the sun becomes power.

Contact us

We will be happy to check, without obligation, whether your area is suitable for the construction of a solar system.


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Project planning open spaces

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Project planning roof surfaces

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